TV by TEARS (w/ videos)

First published on MySpace blog - 11/08/09

One of THE all-time great bands on the thriving Portsmouth scene (it says here), funky '80s pop funsters TV BY TEARS are celebrated in all their glory on this new MySpace profile.

Be a poppet for your Uncle Minty and add them to your friends! (They even allowed us lowly Gridlers to play with them, for gawd's sake!)  www.myspace.com/tvbytears ...and already they've added an "overflow" page, the little tinkers! www.myspace.com/moretvbytears ...as well a page for Mr RABBITHOLE SAM, who is responsible for setting all this campaign for world domination in motion:- www.myspace.com/rhsuk ...and yet another one featuring the latest artistic endeavours of the man himself, Mr MERVYN PURVISS:- www.myspace.com/427866662 ...plus one for Merv's more rockist tendencies, ABSOLUTE ZERO:- www.myspace.com/absolutezerotng. Obviously, all these pages are 'under construction' at the moment, but we are all furiously trawling through the archives for lots of exciting and fun-packed historical and biographical content, to be added shortly.

***** NEW VIDEO CLIPS *****
This was on the occasion when the four-piece TV BY TEARS reconvened to play some of their biggies at Merv's Fiftieth Birthday Bash last year (2008)...

...and going WAAAAAY back, to a time when everyone was young and thin and hairy and could move about a bit, this is umpteenth generation videotape from the AID FOR AFRICA Concert at Ferneham Hall (1985).

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