Shorts (w/ 3 MUSTAPHAS 3 video)

First published on MySpace blog - 08/04/08
Most of the clips mentioned in this article are no longer where they say they are!

Over at ThE cHrIsTmAs TrEeS page, The Human Nail has posted a new "WORK IN PROGRESS"; my 'remix' of a song that we haven't even finished yet!

As it has a slight whiff of early-'80s punk-funk about it, I've given it the working title of "A Certain Patio", but it probably won't be called that when it's done. Think Pigbag, think Rip Rig & Panic, think James Chance/White/Black. Then take away the number you first thought of.

Quoth the Nail:-
"This is the Peppermint Wordsmith re-mix of a work still yet to be completed. It's an instrumental but you can sing along if you so wish. The completed original might not be even called 'A Certain Patio'. This rendition does have a certain late-'70s/early-'80's feel to it. If it was the late 1870s/early 1880s, you'd probably be eagerly awaiting the invention of the wax cylinder to listen to it, mush. Toodle-pip for now - it's nearly time for the Eurovision Song Contest. My Euro's either on Spain or Croatia!"

Further by-products from ThE cHrIsTmAs TrEeS recording sessions will subsequently find their way onto this page as well, including no doubt more examples of my dubious non-saxophone technique. I apologise in advance, if any of this offends the ears of my friends who can REALLY play saxophone (Hi Geoff!)

Yes, I liked the Spanish entry too. Fat chance!

Over at the BLOW MINNOWS page, you can now enjoy my latest DUB REMIX ("Mewn Dub") featuring the rantin’ an’ a-testifyin’ of THE ENTIRE TOP SHELF in all his glory.

NB; The revolting picture of a wounded leg is a puzzling obsession of Shelfy’s and is in no way condoned by this particular Pedestrian.

Meanwhile, over at the wacky world of KEN DEAD & THE DODGYMEN, you can hear my ’suite’ made up of golden moments from the newly-rediscovered "KEN DEAD 5" tapes. "Rough As A Bear’s Ass, But Twice As Lively" as someone once said.

Speaking of GOLDEN MOMENTS...

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