Lasso Dub

First published on MySpace blog - 24/06/10

Hey! where's the 'Lyrics' button gone from the music player? Ah well! I'll just have to give you the 'sleevenotes' here instead...

There's a new tune on the MySpace player.

"LASSO DUB" started out as a throwaway little number a couple of Christmases ago (some of you might remember it?). EVIL DEMENTED BUNNY had sent me a recording of herself singing an old country song, "I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus". I wrapped it in all sorts of strange Minty noises, as is my wont, and there it sat on the player for a couple of weeks over Christmas. A mere novelty trinket.

But I always had an inkling that there could be more to it than that. Some of the rhythmic devices and samples were too good to waste. Everyone knows how I like to toss off the occasional DUB VERSION. It would be no trouble to strip the piece of its XMASSY REFERENCES and turn it into something altogether darker. In short, could I make it into something that we could enjoy throughout the rest of the year as well?

Well, could I? YOU decide, folks!


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