Here We Go Then!

First published on MySpace blog - 05/0707
This was my first EVER posting on MySpace! Don't go looking for the tracks mentioned - they're not there now! But "Tales From The Winged Eyeball" is of course still available on my BandCamp.

Let's kick this thing off with a couple of DUB versions of tunes you may well have already come across, over at the RABBIT SHOW REJECT page (who I shall hitherto refer to as RSR, although I know him as Shelfy).

"Dub Inna Warm Spoon" is of course a dub version of "Twenty Five Minutes In A Warm Spoon", but NOT the same dub version that appeared at the end of "Tales From The Winged Eyeball", our collaborative effort of 2006. This track was possibly unique in that the dub versions were done BEFORE the 'vocal' mix - I had to wait a couple of months for RSR to provide me with his voiceovers!

"Tippety Tappety (Readymade Dub)" samples the RSR vocal and a 'found' voice (from an interactive help page for a Windows 95-vintage paint programme!) laid over a reggae loop dating back to the 1984 sessions for Johnson's Gridling Band's "Future Of Rock & Roll" project - now THERE'S a story I must tell you sometime!

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