Ken Dead (w /CHICK COREA video)

First published on MySpace blog - 26/02/08

Please welcome to our little MicePace community the legendary KEN DEAD & THE DODGY MEN! This was an extraordinarily incompetent 'musical' aggregation, led by the gridiron-playing, moustachioed Buddhist plank-spanker, KEN "BLOCKHEAD" DEAD. Formed in the late '80s, as a sort of house band for the SUNDAY NIGHT FRENZY SOCIETY (Don't look for it... etc etc), we only ever played one song ("Wild Thing") half decently. And even THAT was touch and go on the night! Naturally, as a sound engineer of some considerable talent and a gifted musician on all manner of keyed and strung instruments (Oh, who's he think he's kidding?...Ed), I became the drummer.

Further news... After a couple of weeks of indecision, Shelfy's 'main' page, formerly known as Go Sportpanda! Fast Fast!, has now assumed the name of ROY FROM VORTEX CONTROL, a much nicer name, I think you'll agree, and one which always made Sniltweasel(Director) laugh out loud... it's yet another product of "THE GREAT LIST", our endless supply of band names from one crazy weekend in the mid-eighties.

This week's Listening Habits
(Yes, it HAS been a while, hasn't it?)
- Sheffield Live's "Africa Beat" podcasts (good walking music)
- Rather a lot of Rush (it's that Snilt's fault!)
- Rather a lot of Mahler (for that teatime twilight hour)

And now folks, let us go back to "JAZZ-ROCK: THE MULLET YEARS" (This clip is rather twiddly-widdly-tastic!)

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