When We Wuz Fab...

A BIT OF NOSTALGIA FOR THE OLD FOLKS... All of this running a website lark is nothing new to me, no sirree bob... Why! WE were doing this sort of thing back in the days when we all thought that M****soft Internet Explorer 5 and a dial-up modem made for a cutting-edge browsing experience.

Sometime around the turn of the century, twenty years on from what most would consider to be the 'heyday' of JOHNSON'S GRIDLING BAND activity, and several years before NewsKorps decided that the best way to read The Times would be to pay to squint at it on a telly, we decided to do our regularly ongoing, photocopied-to-order fanzine-cum-art-publication "THE GRIDLER" as a proper grown up website instead. THE FUTURE OF ROCK & ROLL, we decided, was now going to be CYBERNETIC!

There could now be colour! There could now be sound and movement! There were countless reviews of WOMAD festivals! And pictures of Land Rovers! Whooooo!

In the words of Marty DiBergi, "Don't look for it, it's not there anymore...". Luckily, I just happened to have preserved all the old pages on a CD-ROM, so I can at least share with you these screenshots. This is what home-made websites looked like in the days before MySpace existed and EVERYBODY got in on the act! Though I do say so myself, they look rather nicely designed, considering all I had to work with in the beginning was Front Page Xpress and Corel Draw (Who would have thought we'd be thinking of the early-Noughties as 'the old days'?)

Come on, own up... how many of you tried to use the scroll bars or click on the links in those screenshots?

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