I recently treated myself to the download version of SERIF MOVIE-PLUS (well, I'm already a keen fan of all their OTHER products, so it was only a matter of time before I completed the set!).

The only way to explore the possibilities of a "NEW TOY" is to PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! It's what Saturday afternoons are for, for flip's sake...

I have to say, I'm already impressed, if not a little smitten. I've never really seriously caught the video bug for a number of reasons. Previous experience showed me that video editing eats up an awful lot of computer memory. I just never had the "brain power" to do anything useful or interesting before the pooter ground to a standstill. Secondly, one needed so many different pieces of software to deal with and convert between all the different video formats. Not to mention all those codecs to think about. It's a headache. One gets so swamped by the process involved that you forget to have any actual IDEAS. Nah... I leave all that kind of thing to our chums at the ODD POP concern. They seem to know what they're doing...

Until now... I immediately found Serif's little baby to be a doddle to use and it's easy on the hardware. It handles all the different formats with ease and does all the converting for you. When something is that user-friendly, you can start to have FUN with it, instead of getting bogged down in the technicalities. This is true of all of Serif's products (if this doesn't get me some freebies, I don't know what will!)

So I've been enjoying the process of turning CC's webcam recitals into full-blown arty videos, laying the results over the CC:PP versions of the tracks. The two videos here feature the "secret bonus" tracks on the first CC:PP "album", available as a digital download from my BANDCAMP site.

"SHADOWS OF PARADISE" - Whadya reckon? Have I been watching too much "Twin Peaks" lately?

"STRAIGHT NO CHASER" - Film Noir with maybe a touch of Man Ray...?

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