Thirty Second Love Song

First published on MySpace blog - 06/01/10

From deep in the bowels (oh, dear... don't mention bowels!)... from deep in the basement of the erstwhile GOSPORT FUN FACTORY, from the days before technology was invented, comes this delightful little Gridling recording of "30 Second Love Song" aka "Love Is Like A Moustache". I think there was a competition in a music magazine to write something thirty seconds long. As this was the early eighties, they were probably expecting something like Duran Duran. Instead they got a skiffle band. How out of touch were we? Anyhooooooo... Shelfy of RABBIT SHOW REJECT fame has done this nice little animation to go with it:-

Quoth the Shelfoid one: "The short fillum animation, which takes a while to start, is entitled '30 SECOND LOVE SONG'. The dull set tones are that of the world famous Minty pretending to be from Arizona. For the musical instrument buffs, I am playing a genuine plywood and wood filler faced classical guitar with regular steel strings. The guitar came out of a bin. Love, as they say, is like a moustache.."

I assure you there was nothing 'regular' about the strings on THAT guitar! I think there is another version of this tune somewhere featuring Yours Pedantically playing some rudimentary mandolin, and with some overdubbed hot spoons action... but I've forgotten which tape it's on at the moment!

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