Resurrection Phaze II

First published on MySpace blog - 15/11/10
I've just posted a new tune on the player... "RESURRECTION SHOEFUL", it's called. For now. It's yet another "WORK IN PROGRESS" in progress! I'm not sure what'll happen to it yet, but it's got a strange, mutated "drum 'n' bass" tango-via-The Military Two-Step vibe which has SOMETHING going for it, so I thought it might be worth sharing. I've probably listened to way too much Squarepusher lately! Given that my asymmetrical brain isn't attuned to 4:4 dance music, and allowing for my level of musical naïveté, any attempt to emulate (or even send up?) a musical genre usually results in my coming up with something entirely my own by accident. And I wouldn't have it any other way. It sure doesn't sound like any "drum 'n' bass" that I've come across. Do we even call it that anymore? I'm old, what would I know? I know, I'll call it "MINTCORE" and hope it catches on. Or "MINTSTEP"? Our Shelfy will probably hate it, because it's got a lot of cymbals on it! "...but it's jazz. Jazz is like that..."

First published on MySpace blog - 20/04/11

So now, having undergone all manner of further sampling, stretching, warping - generally going through the MINTzer, in fact! - the piece with the working title of "RESURRECTION SHOEFUL" now sounds like this; a seventeen-or-so-minute-long TONE POEM, being of a somewhat sombre and spooky nature. Don't have nightmares!

Resurrection Phaze II by Pedantic Pedestrian

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