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First published on MySpace blog - 30/07/09
My first collaboration with Swedish experimentalists JOXFIELD PROJEX has the (working?) title "PEACE BIT XIV", so called because it is constructed entirely from samples of their "Bits & Pieces #1-13" download album. Hear it here and on their "grey" site. More to follow, I hope!

First published on MySpace blog - 25/06/10
I've just been having a bit of a clear-out in the MY VIDEOS department. And I noticed that one of my 2009 collaborative efforts* with Scandinavian chums JOXFIELD PROJEX, "Peace Bit XIV" had stopped working properly! So I'm afraid I had to delete it from there. Apologies to anyone who had posted comments - you know who you are! But fear ye not, all fans of skuzzy European drone'n'splash music, for it is still on YOUTUBE. And just to remind you what I'm on about, here it is now!

* There was also a second piece called "FINAGLING" done at the same time. I've decided that I still like the 'tune', but the video was a bit feeble. I decided to weld the two tunes together and post the resulting medley on my SOUNDCLOUD

PPeace XIVb/Finagling (Pedantic Pedestrian meets JoXfield ProjeX)
by Pedantic Pedestrian
"This is a concatenation, if you will, of two pieces with Scandinavian chums JOxFIELD PROJEx, recorded in 2009. The first was called 'Peace Bit XIV' as it was constructed entirely out of samples of their 'Pieces 1 to 13'. The second (the middle section) contains various JoXfield samples set against drums and bass tracks of my own device (leftover from an ART RATZ session, I think). Originally these tunes were used as soundtracks to some suitably spooky experimental videos. Looking back on it now, the video is not that great! I decided that the music was good enough to stand in its own right (you be the judge of that!). Anyway, thanX to Oax and Jan for the opportunity!"

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