ART RATZ/Male La La's

First published on MySpace blog - 09/07/09

... Having tackled the early repertoire of ROCKY MUCUS (the jury's still out on who exactly won), those subversive ART RATZ have turned their attention to the "puerile sixth-form poetry" of one JIM MORRISON and his bunch of Doors. As I, for one, have never heard the platter in question, I can GUARANTEE that our version of the "Strange Days" album will sound NOTHING like the original.

The first results of this musical reinterpretation can be heard in the form of the version of "HORSE LATITUDES", featuring the voice of EVIL DEMENTED BUNNY and ogled at via this televisual presentation of "I CAN'T SEE YOUR FACE IN MY MIND", courtesy of the good folks at the ODD POP concern:

STOP PRESS - There are now further tracks from this naughty project online at the all-new ART RATZ overspill page at www.myspace.com/themalelalas

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