Highly Educational Video (IMPACT)

First published on MySpace blog - 28/04/11

Those clever chaps at Gosport's leading purveyors of video entertainment, ODD POP bring you these enlightening "IMPACT" episodes, presented by noted thespian JOHN BOUTIQUE.

Firstlymost, enjoy this rare insight into the fascinating world of the Victorian music hall tradition:-

Followed by this, a glimpse at the early days of manned aviation:-

Excellent! I think I learned more about aviation history from that than I EVER did as an air cadet!... nice to see that Shelfy and Binky are still alive and doing good daftstuff, even though they've been, to all intents and purposes, absent from MySpaceLand for the last few months! Ah, but there ARE currently signs of life over at the MR HAIR page...

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