First published on MySpace - 25/07/10
The piece of music mentioned here is no longer 'out there', but this post tells you something about my working methods, so I thought it worth preserving...

New piece on the player: "APRES-MIDI (FAKING THE J-WORD)"

I write this in anticipation of the inevitable question, "IS THAT YOU PLAYING THE PIANO?"...

No. In fact, there was no 'playing' involved. It's not even a real piano.

Instead, there was a mysterious trial and error process, largely involving the typing-in of various numbers representing 'parameter values'.

The resulting MIDI data was then channeled to the set of Roland Sound Canvas 'instruments' that live on the Wavetable Synthesiser chip inside even the lowliest of PC sound cards.

A sort of 'fractal' approach to generative music, producing a result that is almost, but not entirely unlike, that 'free jazz' malarkey.

I have also been using this approach to produce the music to accompany some of Shelfy's "BLUE WAILS ON BLIT STREET" recitations. No doubt, you will get to hear that soon.

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