Dervish Remixes

First published on MySpace blog - 13/10/09
Sorry folks, I don't think they're there anymore!

I have two remixes of Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy's track "Dervish" available for free download, here at the DiN Records website:- http://www.din.org.uk/dervish/

My tracks are the "Pedantic Pedestrian Wheelie-Bap Mix" and the "Dirging Whirlish Ambient Mix". Please check out the other remixes too, there's some really amazing versions there!

This Week Oi'A'Bin Moostly Lis'nin' To:-
Jakko M Jakszyk - "The Bruised Romantic Glee Club" (Panegyric CD)
Judy Dyble - "Talking With Strangers" (Brilliant/FIXIT CD)
King Crimson - "Live In Zurich 1973" (DGM Club CD)
Brian Eno - various Ambient works (7Digital downloads)

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