First published on MySpace blog - 13/05/10

Well it's here! The latest mashup (mishap?) from PEDANTIC PEDESTRIAN vs THE CHRISTMAS TREES - "PPvXT2: BYTE SIGHS" - is now available for downloadin' over on the BANDCAMP.COM site. It's FREE - what's not to like? Or if that still doesn't persuade you that YOU MUST HAVE IT NOW, then you can listen to DE WHOOOOLE DAM' T'ING in dreamy, streamy, unfeasibly high fidelity by embedding the little player doobry on your own page... Invite all your friends and have a LISTENING PARTY!


It's a sort of follow-up to the montage-tastic "CHTHONIC BOOM". Most of the instrumental parts originated from sessions for the new Xmas Trees album proper, but they have been warped and twisted, resampled, resequenced and xenochronized, until their own mothers wouldn't recognise them! There are also vocal samples (some snippets of bad poetry, as recited by Sniltweasel, Shelfy and me...) dating back as long ago as 1984.

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