New Filth-O-Bop (w/ ODEEGATRONZ video)

First published on MySpace blog - 18/12/07
Again, I mainly re-post this here for the video content, an amusing musical docudrama about the tigers of Browndown...

M'colleague and longtime collaborant BINKY THE HUMAN NAIL (Typical Suitcase, Odeegatronz, Steak Wrist and that) is the kind of person who dresses up in a tiger suit and hangs around on firing ranges. He has a couple of new WEB-PRESENCES up and running, hosted by the Tripod concern. Pay him a visit and savour the exciting world of FILTH-O-BOP at:

Rapacious Owl: www.raphowl.tripod.com
Zimpoon Discs: www.zimpoon.tripod.com

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