Shorts (w/ LARRY video)

Subject : Stand By... Yo! Man!
Posted Date: : 09 Oct 2008, 03:25

"Stand by... Yo! Man!!" (to give it its proper and fully punctuated title - that's something else that the music player doesn't do!) is a track from the forthcoming project by STEVIE CHUNDER & MAGIK COW called "A Young Person's Guide To Thumb Soldering". It's 'country' music but not as we know it (it all depends on which 'country' you're talking about... my best guess would be Turkmenistan). Go to the STEVIE CHUNDER page to find out how you can obtain this and other such nonsense.
Note: This 'band' is now called SteViE CHunDeR & ThE FakE vEGetAbLe ReiChsTag instead. Don't ask.

Subject : SoFtaNdUniQUeOfFCenTreObliQue
Posted Date: : 01 Sep 2008, 03:21

...or "Soft And Unique, Off-Centre Oblique" if you prefer your typography a little less avantgarde... This wonderful racket was recorded just last week (end of August 2008, if you are reading this in "The Future") and has already been added to the STEVIE CHUNDER player. It is a kind of virtual psychedelic jam (We loiks ar soikerdeelier yur in ol' Gozzy!), featuring the interminably named Stevie Chunder Bla Bla Bla Band and Yours Pedantically on Some Instruments. I think it deserves to be on the next STRUMPFEN project. A longer version of it probably will be.
The video that WAS posted here (the Van Der Graaf Generator concert) has now been removed, because... 13th March 2009 -Fabchannel Stops! After nine passionate and beautiful years of sharing the most amazing concert recordings with you, Fabchannel is stopping. A great number of record labels still won't allow us to record their artists. This prevents us from offering what we need to keep Fabchannel alive. We want to sincerely thank you for all support through the years! It has been an amazing time, but unfortunately this is where it ends. With a bleeding heart we're pulling the plug of our online archive Friday 13th of March. Until that time, enjoy your favorite concerts and who knows? we'll meet again. Justin Kniest, CEO

Some Happening Yet Strangely Mellow Soundz For This Week:
Geoff Leigh & Cathy Williams - "Mirage"
The Tapeworm Vessel - essential free download album!
Theo Travis & Robert Fripp - "Thread"

Subject : Radio Rabbit Show? / Lifestyles Of The Fish And famous
Posted Date: : 24 Aug 2008, 02:57

Rabbit Radio Show? Radio Rabbit Show? - RABBIT SHOW REJECT has posted some of our "Tales From The Winged Eyeball" collaborations on GlubDub's RADIO EARWAX website out of Noo Joyzey! Scroll down the list of artistes on their big ol' MP3 player thingy until you get to RABBIT SHOW REJECT's name. "Twenty-Five Minutes In A Warm Spoon" sounds appropriately 'dubby' (and thoroughly 'glubby' to boot!)
Lifestyles Of The Fish And Famous - Meanwhile over at ODD POP, home of the thriving GOZZYWOOD film industry, you can see the all-new video version of the old JOHNSONS GRIDLING BAND fable "Larry The Haddock", or as it is known to fans of ZEPHYRFRIENDLY, "Mang Mang Screlt". It stars legendary thesbian JOHN BOUTIQUE and your Pedestrian correspondent pointed a camera or two. Our Shelfy, of RABBIT SHOW REJECT fame, collaborated with Zephyr on this little ditty some months ago, but the video was put on hiatus on account of him losing the keys to his MySpace site!

This Week Oi'a'bin Moostly Lis'nin' To:
King Crimson - Park West, Chicago 7/8/08
Gilgamesh - "Arriving Twice"
Matching Mole - "Smoke Signals"
John McLaughlin - "Floating Point"

Subject : New Videos For Old!
Posted Date: : 06 Aug 2008, 10:39

By the time you read this, there should be two new clips on my Video Channel doobry, featuring musical excerpts from the exciting new PEDANTIC PEDESTRIAN/CHRISTMAS TREES opus "Chthonic Boom". The visuals have been kindly supplied by RABBIT SHOW REJECT's very own Shelfy The Bear. These are from super-8mm films, dating back to those all-important early-'70s "ART SCHOOL YEARS". Fans of JOHNSON'S GRIDLING BAND may recognise some of the participants.

This Week Oi'a'bin Moostly Lissnin' To:
Butthole Surfers - "Live at the Forum London" 26/7/08
Frank Zappa - "One Shot Deal"
John McLaughlin - "Floating Point"
Django Bates - "Spring Is Here (Shall We Dance?)"

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