Tales From The Winged Eyeball

First published on MySpace and LiveJournal blogs - 11/06/10

Well now, thanks to those clever people at BANDCAMP.COM, Shelfy & Minty have made it possible for you to enjoy the entire "TALES FROM THE WINGED EYEBALL" album in glorious streamin' high-fidelity S-T-E-R-R-R-R-R-E-E-O-O in the privacy of your own head (It's A Freaky Trip On 'Phones!). If you really like it, then you can HAVE IT FOR NOTHING in any darn digital format that takes yer fancy! Well, I never.

Meanwhile, the resident player on the RABID SOW REJECT MySpace now features four more tracks that didn't quite make it onto the album. Rejects, if you will. Except they're not bad at all.


PS... Some of you may have been deterred from downloading this delightful product because you were previously asked for your contact details(e-mail address, postcode etc) before you did so. Just to let you know - THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE! I've now un-checked the box for the e-mail option and you can download the zipfile directly. I've tried it. It works. Thank you for your patience XXX MINTY

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