Larks' Tongues In Aspic

An "It Was Forty Years Ago Today" Special...

It was, in fact, almost forty years ago to the day (23rd March 1973) that this timeless KING CRIMSON classic was originally unleashed on the world.

Okay, hands up! I know I sort of 'promised' in my "Pick O' The Year" blog that I would give the 40th Anniversary Edition a proper review once I'd lived with it for a while...

But what can I say about this little beauty that hasn't already been said? I mean to say! Forty years!! A lot of things have already been written about it in that time!

In fact a lot of things have been written about it recently (saves me the bother!) - so I shall just redirect you to a few of the best ones I've seen on that internet, in the months since the 'definitive' 'deluxe' editions landed on our doormats:-

Admirers On The Street - a collection of fans' memories and reviews 
Dutch Progressive Rock Page - good 'fans' overview
Something Else Reviews - review of the 40th Anniversary CD/DVD edition
All About Jazz - review of the 'Everything you could possibly need and more' box set
Sid Smith's Blogspot - first impressions from KC's official biographer
Prog Sphere Blog - good overview of the CD/DVD edition

Of course, as always, the place to go for all things KCrimsoid is the vitally important DGM LIVE itself.

Oh, alright then... here's my 'review' - Buy it! If you've not heard King Crimson's "Larks' Tongues In Aspic" by now... well, what have you been doing all this time?

*By the way, whoever posted this fab clip on that YouTube is feeding you false information, kids! The date for this German telly "Beat Club" recording is 17th October 1972 (not 1973!). But I don't think that will spoil your enjoyment too much...

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