Twelve months on from the first CC:PP release... a gathering-together of material recorded since that legendary first album  (it says here)...

...featuring, for the first time in one place, the complete five-part trilogy of bogus horror movie soundtracks, tastefully interspersed with the poetry of Lori "CC" Gomez, set to some kind of music. There's probably some sort of conceptual or thematic continuity afoot here, I'm just not sure what it is yet.

Ranging from the ambient tapelooping fakesaxmoods of "Matrices" to the zany off-kilter junglescratching of the "Judge Mental Mix", via the 'Don't Go Down In The Basement!' vibe of the "Horripilation" series itself, there's sure to be something to please everyone (or maybe no one. There's no accounting for taste. If I understood 'taste', I'd probably be - shudder! - successful...)

Most of this material has, at some time or another, appeared on our MySpace site[s], but not necessarily in this form. Further tweakery has been undertook (editing and selection; replacing entire sections with new better ones; a touch of the old graphic equalizer here and there; close attention paid to the sequencing of tracks, for that optimum listening experience) to give our Bandcamp 'customers' the best possible audio quality for their buck  - No wait! Did I mention that the whole darn thing is absolutely FREE for you to download, FREE, gratis, for nothing? That's right! An entire year of my musical life FREE to download in whatever format you choose. FREE for you to put on your iPod (Other MP3 players are available) or to burn onto a proper CD, so that you play it on a real grown-up's hi-fi. FREE, I tells ya!

LISTEN TO IT HERE - Still not convinced? Think you've heard it all before? Been taken in by too many talking dog-based TV commercials? Then listen to the whole album, via that streaming technology they have now, before you decide. You'll thank yourself for it. And I'll thank you for it too, as that'll be more 'plays' showing up on my Bandcamp 'stats'! All comments ('pos' or 'neg') always welcome, let us know what you think.

Comments from OVER THERE...

HTML ANARCHIST - "I like reading your notes! I have heard a lot of this (been on my player) but not all, so I will look forward to making a permanent record of it. Thank you, PP & CC!!!! PS - I couldn't sign this on the blog as I can't remember my user names/passwords. I've got the CRS syndrome (Can't Remember Shit)!"
PP - "You've heard quite a lot of this, but not necessarily in the same order!"
CC - "Check it! Our latest greatest collab. Minty, you amaze me. I was about to defenestrate my computer & go all Luddite... How DO you time these things so perfectly as to prevent me from doing so? Haha <3333"
PP - "So I ensnared you with my evil Antidefenestrationist ploy, wuh-ha-ha-ha! <3<3<3"
LG - "The Latest Greatest Album. The Minted One is a genius! <3"

MK - "You BOTH are geniuses...or is that genies??? Ah-HA, That's it!!! Genius Genies."

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