Endless Universes of Stars and Mountains

A brand new piece of space music from the Pedantic Pedestrian concern...

This is one of those pieces that was several months in the making. Or maybe it just seems that way!

You know the sort of thing. You record an idea, then forget about it. Then go back weeks later to see if you still like it. Then subject it to a bit of the old 'digital razorblade', if something seems to drag on too long. Then add another new bit. And so on.

So it is fairly EPISODIC. There are groovy bits, 'classical' bits, mad tabla rhythms and a couple of those huge noisy 'folded' collage sections full of everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink...

It's an imaginary soundtrack to something or other. Perhaps you can tell me what.

The voice is that of *Lori "CC" Gomez, quoting a piece by Jack Kerouac (plus there's some of her own poetry buried in the "collage" sections). There are also samples of JOXFIELD PROJEX's "Computer #2" from their "Numbers & Letters" album. I wonder if they'll still recognise themselves?

I'm SURE there were some nice comments on the Soundcloud player last night... They seemed to have gone again this morning...

*By the way, I thought long and hard about whether this should qualify as a CC:PP track. In the end, as it's mostly instrumental, I decided that it's a Pedantic Pedestrian number (with SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCES by the aforementioned artistes). I trust that's okay with you...?

UPDATE - I've taken this track down from my SOUNDCLOUD now (have to make room for other things!), but not to worry! it's still there on the BANDCAMP site as part of the fabulous second album from the CC:PP duo. Aha! So it IS a CC:PP track then! Download it f'FREE!

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  1. "I'm SURE there were some nice comments on the Soundcloud player last night.."
    Or maybe on CC's blog...
    Or http://oaxofjoxfield.blogspot.se/2012/03/endless-universes-of-stars-and.html
    Or :-)